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Apart from handling all the events and parties described in the other sections of this website, we at Shagun Events & Weddings also undertake a host of other event organizing services as well to complement our large umbrella of services even more. We can expertly organize office or show room inaugurations by companies, annual functions or festivals held at schools and colleges, picnics or outings involving family members or friends, Bhaagwat Katha recitations carried non-stop for 24 hours, and we can also organize water proof Pandaals (Waterproof Canopy Tents) if the clients wants us to do so especially during rainy seasons.


With a good amount of experience in handling corporate events in the past, we are also quite capable of handling Corporate Inaugurations in the way desired by our Corporate Clients. Be it the opening ceremony of a car company’s showroom, or the launching of a new Jewelers store in town, or the opening of a new exclusive franchisee for a top international brand in the city, our expertise in handling these events allows us to manage such events in a way that’s quite befitting to the brand, and the status and market presence it enjoys in the market.

Since the whole idea behind organizing Corporate Inaugurations is to generate publicity about the brand, these events hold a special significance, and handling them expertly is actually a pre-requisite to obtain maximum mileage out of such events. That’s why; apart from executing these events in a flawless manner, it is also critical that these events are hosted in a manner that is at par with the corporate culture of the company hosting the event. And in doing so, planning and execution part has to be bang on target, because even a small mess-up could easily change the outcome of the event from success to failure, causing a lot of negative publicity for the brand.

Since these inaugurations could also involve managing a large invitee’s list, our expertise in handling large gatherings could come in really handy, and even big corporate inaugurations could be easily handled with great precision and flawless execution to give Corporate Houses the desired mileage they would be looking to derive by hosting such an event.


We are also pretty good at organizing School Annual Functions, which have become a regular feature with most of the schools these days. A great thing about these functions is that they are managed in an organized way and the school Management and staff members exercise full control to ensure an orderly execution of all programs lined up to take place at these events. Our experience in this field helps us in organizing these large functions without a single glitch throughout the entire duration of these school functions.

Starting from the setting up of shops in the waterproof canopy tents, to the management of stage, lighting effects, music system, photography and Videography, lighting in the entire area, arrangement of security at the entry point and exit points, ticket distribution counter for entry into the function, managing the fast foods supply at the venue, setting up hot and cold beverages outlets, distribution of program itinerary to the guests, arrangement of flower pots at the venue, there are several aspects of managing a school function that we have virtually memorized after handling a number of such events in the past.


A Bhaagwat Katha is a very pious ceremony held by followers of Hindu religion around the world. There are several reasons behind the organizing of this Katha by people, but the underlying reason is for the upliftment and welfare of people, who after listening to the narration of the Katha would be much more inclined to listen to their spiritual side, which is always pointing them in the right direction. This Katha elaborated by Sage Ved Vyasa in 9000 Verses, and spread over 335 chapters and 12 volumes is narrated non-stop in a week long period, throws light on the various aspects of life, and how a person should act in various life situations to become a righteous and virtuous human being.

In earlier days, Bhaagwat Katha was mostly arranged in a house when there was a death in the family. In the prevailing gloom of a close one’s death, this Katha worked wonders by drawing the listeners’ attention to the reality of life which was way bigger and absolute than the material comforts surroundings our lives. By listening to this enlightening Katha, the mourners of the house were able to look beyond their material loss and move ahead in life.

Organizing Bhaagwat Katha in the serene and pious surroundings of Rishikesh is a long mastered expertise at Shagun Events & Weddings, who have been operating in this region for ages under the name ‘Shiv Pandaal Light & Tent House’ in this town.


Apart from handling lighting and decorations, music and stage, catering and crockery and all other services that are required to be delivered at events, we go a step further and also provide our clients with Water-proof Pandaals (Canopy Tents), which are ideal for protecting a function from the unpredictable elements of nature especially non-seasonal rains and thunder showers that can really play a big spoil sport during the proceedings of any event.

Even when it comes to organizing tents for School functions, we are always ready to provide water-proof Pandaals to our clients, with the option of choosing the mini canopy tents for individual shops or large canopy tents for covering the sitting areas in front of the stage, where the audience seating arrangement is done.

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